October 6, 2022

Our Team

The Online Malayalam News aka NewsMalayalam.in is committed to transparency in our ownership structure and funding sources. We cite potential conflicts of interest on the same page as the relevant work.

We are part of a group of publications owned by Rovins Technologies Private Limited, a privately-owned LTD registered in India. As a result, our decisions must take into account that we are a for profit organization and decisions are made based on the long-term value for our shareholders. Our mission is to promote positive stories and news and to keep past stories alive with an interested and engaged audience.

We have a full-time core editorial staff but work with many freelance reporters and guest authors.

Our People

CEO : Vineesh C
Editor in Chief: Rohith VR
Sub Editor : Vinitha VR
Sub Editor : Arun Joseph
Head of News: Vivek
Entertainment Editor: Nila K
Technology and Privacy Editor: Sarath K Padmanabhan